“If it’s too wide, too high, or too ugly, call CAST” – Slogan from the early 1980’s, but still works today.

 CAST Transportation’s personnel are highly trained and experienced in heavy hauling. Combined with a large variety of specialized trucking equipment, CAST Transportation can handle the most demanding heavy haul transportation requirements – safely and securely.

In December 1998, CAST transported five (5) locomotives from Craig, CO to Dinosaur, CO.  The locomotives were 198 ton each.  The trailer had to be made onsite and in 20 below zero weather.  CAST succeeded in this project without any incident or frostbite.

In 2005, CAST transported the largest Surface Contaminated load in North America from Rocky Flats, CO to Clive, UT, approximately 600 miles.

CAST also has certified “Pilot Car” drivers.  We can pilot your load as well as transport it.