hazmat freight truckingCAST Transportation has transported  thousands of truckloads of hazardous and radioactive material. CAST has been awarded the Department of Energy WIPP contract for the 17th consecutive year. We have been safely and successfully transported hazardous materials since 1977. In recent years CAST has transported thousands of low level radioactive waste shipments to the Nevada Test Site, Envirocare in Utah, and US Ecology in Idaho. CAST is also certified to transport in and out of Canada.

CAST managers and drivers understand both DOT and FMCSA regulations, and are dedicated to a company culture of excellence and compliance.

Committed to Safety
CAST’s commitment to safety has allowed us to work effectively with professionals at the sites mentioned above as well as many others around the country. With over a decade of experience in the hazmat field and over 50 million cumulative miles with zero reportable incidents. Our reputation for safety has made us one of the Department of Energy’s top approved carriers.

HAZMAT and RADIOACTIVE Materials Trucking

If you need truckloads of hazardous materials moved safely – CAST Transportation is your answer! We have a team of experienced truckers that are dedicated to shipping these hazardous loads safely and on time. Plus if you need to offload hazmat freight by train – our Denver Transload trucking and Support service can safely handle your freight.