Dispatch & Operations: Pat Locasto

Terminal History:

In 2005 CAST Transportation established a terminal in Las Vegas, Nevada. This strategic move was in support of forthcoming low-level radioactive waste moving from multiple DOE sites. Our first major project was hauling 80 foot rebar steel caisson from Henderson, Nevada to the Venetian Hotel on the Vegas Strip. In a short time, CAST has earned the reputation of being a quality carrier and has increased our customer base tenfold. Over the last 6 years we have grown to a self-sufficient outside terminal.  We have a 1.5 acre yard with more available when needed and a 3800 square foot office with an attached shop.  We also have a mobile mechanic service that can service our trucks 24 hours a day.

Las Vegas, Nevada
Phone: (702) 871-4384
400 E. Delhi
North Las Vegas, NV 89032