CAST Specialty Project Manager / Terminal Manager: Gaylon Fuller carlsbadright

Gaylon has been in transportation for 20+ years, and has been with CAST since 2003. He is a Certified Inspector for CVSA Level VI, Hazmat, and Cargo Tank. He is also a Certified DOT Instructor, and has attended over 300 hrs. of training, including Hazmat, Rad Worker II, U.S. DOE GET, Trupact recovery and Quality Assurance training.  Gaylon has experience as an enforcement officer and Hazmat trainer.  He currently serves on the CVSA RAM subcommittee.

In 2002 CAST Transportation opened its office in the Carlsbad, New Mexico area for support of our existing WIPP contract. This facility is on one acre, has two shop bays and is fully staffed with certified mechanics and maintenance personnel. The terminal is 37 miles from WIPP and 70 miles from NEF, making it a prime location to support shipments to these sites.

CAST is proud to announce we have successfully transported 6,810 shipments consisting of 16,893,691 miles without any reportable incidents.

Carlsbad, NM
Phone: (575) 628-0468
Toll Free: (888) 699-6262
3102 East Greene Street
Carlsbad, NM 88220